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​Everything a new player needs to know about the military simulation sport known as Airsoft.
Airsoft: What is it?
Airsoft, similar to paintball, is an up and coming sport, based on realism. Airsoft can be played both indoors and outdoors, in a predetermined area. The premise of Airsoft is to knock opposing players out by tagging, or hitting, them with plastic BBs, which are fired from the Airsoft guns. Because the BBs are plastic, and do not leave markings after hitting another player, the game relies solely on an honor system. Although Airsoft is a sport, it is meant to simulate war. Airsoft Guns are created to look as similar to real weapons as possible, because of this, be careful when playing outdoors, or anywhere near a residential area.

A major reason Airsoft is so such a popular game today, is because of the realistic look, and similar function of Airsoft Guns, to real firearms. This can most specifically be see in Gas Blowback Pistols. The realism of Airsoft guns create an interesting debate, on whether they are Toy Guns, or Replica Firearms.

Additionally, because Airsoft Guns are designed to look similar to real weapons, there can be some natural concerns, especially from parents of players. Each gun is equipped with a plastic orange tip, so Airsoft Guns can be differentiated from real firearms. Although they look alike, I can assure you they are not classified as firearms, therefore, rules and regulations on Airsoft Guns, according to the government, are different from that of a real weapon.   
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Although Airsoft seems to have a fairly basic concept, knowing how Airsoft Guns work, and the specifications of ones weapons can make you an overall better player.

The History of Airsoft

Although Airsoft is a fairly common sport nowadays, this wasn't always so. Originally Airsoft wasn't invented to be a sport, but instead, so people could have some sort of weapon, which was in accordance to their strict gun laws, and regualtions. The image to the right, will break down The History of Airsoft, and how it became so popular around the world.