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Airsoft: Toy Gun or Replica Firearm
Airsoft guns are designed to resemble real firearms as accurately as possible. Because of this they tend to be considered Replica Firearms, instead of just Toy Guns, by the general public. Although the Airsoft community, and the general public have differing opinions on this issue, both sides will be presented below.

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Why Airsoft Guns are considered Toy Guns

Airsoft Guns are considered Toy Guns in our society today. Children play with them, and use them to simulate war, the ultimate form of competition. Do not look down upon Airsoft as a sport, because it is being played with “Toy Guns”, but embrace the fact so many people and players are enjoying the game.

Although Airsoft Guns are considered Toy Guns, meant to participate in the sport with, many believe these guns are not just toys. This is most likely because, although the BBs are plastic, Airsoft Guns still fire projectiles, different from a cap gun, which could be considered a toy.

Why Airsoft Guns are considered Replica Firearms

Additionally, Airsoft Guns can also be considered Replica Firearms. Although Airsoft is played by a multitude of children across the world, select guns are used by law enforcement, in their training exercises, because of their realistic style, deeming them Replica Firearms, even though they don’t fire from a chemical reaction.

Although there is an argument that Airsoft Guns are Replica Firearms, many people disagree with this classification. The main argument against this, is that Airsoft Guns are not firearms, they fire using air.
Ken Murray, who has spent over twenty years as a police and military trainer, discusses whether Airsoft Guns are Toy Guns, or Replica Firearms, in his article Airsoft: Toy or Training Tool?   

Althought there is generaly moral panic from the public regarding Airsoft Guns, because of their realistc appearence, it is impossible to convert an Airsoft Gun into a firearm. As a result, one can come to the conclusion that Airsoft Guns are simply just Toy guns, not Replica Firearms.