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​Everything a new player needs to know about the military simulation sport known as Airsoft.
Saftey First
Before we get into How to Play Airsoft, the saftey concerns need to be discussed. Although Airsoft guns are not real firearms, the plastic BBs are fired at velocities exceeding 100 feet per second. This means, althogh the small plastic BBs do not look like they hurt, they most definitley can, often times leaving welts or bruises. Additionally, if players are not wearing saftey goggles, and they got shot in the eye, a trip to the hospital will be needed. ALWAYS WHERE SAFTEY GOGGLES WHEN AROUND YOUR AIRSOFT GUN. 

Airsoft is a very safe sport, as long as saftey guidlines are followed. Although there is controversy on whether the sport is safe or not, most, if not all, injuries are preventable.

Airsoft: How to Play

Airsoft is such a great game to participate in because you can play virtually any way you want. Although there are popular opinions on How to Play Airsoft, the players can create additional variations if they would like. If variations are created, make sure each player understands, and agrees with the rules before the match begins. Below, I will discuss the three most popular outlooks on How to Play Airsoft.

In order to participate in an Airsoft Game, each player will need at least one gun, and ammunition, being plastic BBs. More information about Airsoft Guns can be found at Airsoft Equipment, and ideal weapons to purchase can be seen at Airsoft Reviews.
Team Death Match (TDM):
Team Death Match, generally consists of two teams, however, this can obviously be subject to change. The objective of Team Death Match is to remove other players from the game by shooting, or tagging, them with BBs. As mentioned before, Airsoft relies on an honor system because the BBs don’t mark the players when they are hit. Before the match begins, a hit system should be settled upon, whether it be one shot one kill, or three hits and you are out. Once the opposing team(s) no longer have any players which are “alive”, the game ends, and the winning team takes home the bragging rights. Although this game mode is called Team Death Match, it can also be played as a free for all, which consists of each player competing against each other.
Objective Based Airsoft:
Objective Based Airsoft consists of players competing to achieve a certain objective. This game mode is generally played with teams, and requires both communication, and teamwork, in order to win. Although the goal is to successfully achieve the set objective, remember, other players will be trying to knock you out of the game, so be smart, and tactical. Some examples of Objective Based Airsoft are as follows:
  • Capture the Flag- This game requires players to capture the enemy flag from their base, and return it safely to their own base.
  • Domination- Domination requires a team to hold and defend a pre-determined area, while the other team attempts to capture it from them.
  • Search and Destroy- This game mode requires one team to defend two separate objectives, while the opposing team attempts to “destroy” them. You can simulate the destruction of an objective in a multitude of ways, be creative.
Objective Based Airsoft can be played an endless amount of ways. No objective is too ambitious, be creative, and have fun with it.

Military Simulation:
Military Simulation is very similar to Objective Based Airsoft. The goal here is to make the game as war like as possible, hence the name Military Simulation. This particular game mode is not for the faint of heart. Teams will be dressed in matching kits or uniforms, or be differentiated using patches or banners. Military Simulation often follows a story line, in order to make the game feel more realistic. I recommend looking up a specific battle, and see if you can attempt to recreate it in your game.

Remember, when deciding How to Play Airsoft, to be creative. Sure these game modes are fun, but I recommend branching off and finding new ways to play. As you become more familiar with the game, you will begin to imagine different variations and ways to play, try them out and see if you like them.