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​Everything a new player needs to know about the military simulation sport known as Airsoft.
Airsoft Equipment
Although there is a multitude of different Airsoft Equipment on the market today, the only things you absolutely need to participate are an Airsoft Gun, BBs, and safety goggles. Over the years Airsoft Equipment has grown exponentially, and players currently have more options than ever before, to customize their own unique loadouts. Additional equipment which can be purchased include, Airsoft Gun Attachments, different camos, and, replacement parts.

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Airsoft Gun Types

There are three different types of Airsoft Guns. Each different style of gun uses a different mechanism to fire. Below each gun type will be discussed, along with the positives and negatives of the differing styles.

Spring-Powered Airsoft Guns
Airsoft Guns powered by springs, use the energy stored in the spring to compress air, and launch the BB. This version of Airsoft Gun can only ever shoot a single shot at a time. In order to successfully work, the user must first cock the weapon, locking the spring back and building the potential energy stored. When the trigger is pulled, the spring is released, pushing compressed air down the chamber of the gun, firing the BB. Because a spring needs to be locked in place for every shot, we generally see this firing mechanism in Pistols, Bolt-Action Rifles, and Pump Shotguns.

Spring Powered Airsoft Guns generally range from around twenty dollars ($20), for the cheaper end pistols, up to two hundred dollars ($200), for a nice Bolt-Action Rifle. Because these Airsoft Guns use a simpler firing system, than both the Electric Airsoft Guns, and Gas Airsoft Guns, they will generally fire at a lower feet per second (fps).

If you are serious about playing Airsoft, I would suggest to only ever use a Spring-Powered Airsoft Gun as a sidearm. Although they are cheaper, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage when using one. With that being said, one of the great things about Airsoft, is that each player can have a custom loadout, so it is really up to you.
Electric Airsoft Guns (AEGs)
Electric Airsoft Guns (AEG), are powered by motors, and batteries rather than a spring. This allows the Electric Airsoft Guns to be fired both automatically, multiple rounds per trigger pull, or semi-automatically, one round per trigger pull. Due to their ability to fire between 400 hundred and 1500 rounds per minute, this style of Airsoft Gun is most popular.

Electric Airsoft Guns are generally powered using an 8.4 volt battery. Due to the power incorporated using a motor, instead of just a spring, these Airsoft Guns will fire at higher rates of feet per second, ranging from roughly 350-450 fps. Electric Airsoft Guns range drastically different in price, which is dependent on, fire rate, muzzle velocity, and material of the gun itself. A lower end Electric Airsoft Gun, made of plastic will cost around thirty dollars ($30), while their metal counter parts can run anywhere up to a couple hundred dollars.

  • Rifle and Submachine Guns
The most common, and efficient, style of Airsoft Gun, an electric rifle, or sub machine gun is ideal for any player looking to get into Airsoft. Their ability to have a high rate of fire, as well as a wide range of different attachments, make them a fan favorite amongst both beginner, and more experienced Airsoft players.

  • Automatic Electric Pistols
Similar to electric rifles, and sub machine guns, Automatic Electric Pistols have a much higher rate of fire than the Spring Powered Airsoft Guns. Automatic Electric Pistols are designed to replicate the muzzle velocity, and rate of fire, of an electric rifle. Although this sounds very enticing, remember you will still be decreasing both accuracy, and clip size, when choosing this style of Airsoft Gun over an Electric Rifle of Sub-Machine gun. Automatic Electric Pistols make for great side arms, however they will not perfectly match the performance and efficiency of rifle.
Gas Airsoft Guns
Gas Airsoft Guns use either Green Gas, or CO2, as a propellant in order to fire the BB, instead of using a motor, or spring, like the two styles of Airsoft Guns mentioned above.

Gas Airsoft Guns generally range from forty-five dollars ($45), and can reach prices upwards of a hundred dollars ($100+). However, remember than in addition to purchasing the Airsoft Gun itself, and ammunition, the user will also need to purchase either Green Gas, or CO2 canisters as well. The gun will not fire without it. Because this style of Airsoft Gun uses Green Gas or CO2 as a propellant they will fire at much higher rates of feet per second, generally ranging from 250-400 plus. 
  • Gas Blowback Guns
Gas Blowback Guns are the most popular sidearm choice on the market today. Unlike Spring Powered Guns, these pistols do not need to be cocked before firing. This allows the user to be able to fire as many rounds as times he can pull the trigger, no need to even touch the slide. Gas Blowback Guns are so popular because of their realistic design, and functionality. This style of Airsoft Gun is generally semi-automatic, but can be purchase in full-automatic, allowing the user to fire a whole clip in a matter of seconds.
  • Gas Non-Blowback Guns
Similar to Gas Blowback Guns in terms of use and functionality, however they are not as realistic as their Blowback counterparts, because the slide will not move back. One reason to go this route for your sidearm is that Gas Non-Blowback Guns are generally much cheaper.

Airsoft Gun Attachments

A player’s ability to customize their Airsoft Gun is one reason, Airsoft, as a sport is so popular. Unlike paintball, Airsoft Guns can be customized in a multitude of ways. Barrel attachments, and Rail Attachments are most common, however slings can be added to your gun as well.

Barrel Attachments
There are two main Barrel Attachments for Airsoft Guns. The first being suppressors, which makes firing of the gun more silent. Suppressors, or silencers, as they are also named, cannot be expected to work as well as you see them on television, with real firearms. This is because, Airsoft Guns are already fairly quiet, relative to real weapons at the very least. The second most common Barrel Attachment is a Barrel Extender. The Barrel Extender is one of my favorite Airsoft Gun Attachments, because it is meant to increase the muzzle velocity of a players Airsoft Gun. Having the ability to fire your Airsoft Gun at a higher feet per second rate can be the difference between knocking an opposing player out of the game, and losing it for your team.  

Some additional Barrel Attachments for Airsoft Guns are as follows
  • Airsoft Sound Amplifiers
  • Airsoft Tracer Units
  • Flash Hiders and Muzzle Breaks
  • Thread Converters for Outer Barrels
Rail Attachments
Most Airsoft Guns, Rifles, to be more specific, have rails, where Airsoft Gun Attachments can be placed. Rails are commonly placed on the top of the gun, where a scope would go, and on the bottom, or side of the barrel, where Attachments such as dot sights, and grenade launchers would be placed.

Rail Attachments for Airsoft Guns are as follows
  • Bipods, Monopods, Foregrips – Placed on the bottom rail of a players Airsoft Gun, helps increase gun control, and maneuverability.
  • Dot Sights, Flashlights, and Laser – These Rail Attachments can be placed on either the bottom or top rail of a players Airsoft Gun. These attachments are meant to increase accuracy, and aid an Airsoft player’s ability to target opposing players.
  • Grenade Launcher - An Airsoft Grenade Launcher obviously doesn’t actually explode. Instead, an Airsoft Grenade Shell is filled with plastic BBs, and fired from the Grenade Launcher, which is placed on the bottom rail of a players Airsoft Gun. 
  • Scopes and Optics – Scopes and Optics, which include different types of sights for Airsoft Guns, are meant to improve accuracy, as well as help a player target opposing players. These Airsoft Gun Attachments are great for snipers, and Airsoft rifles alike.